Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Some Americans feel ashamed of some of the actions of bad American others, and feel sad when judged by the actions of politicians or the government. The American people, independent people like to live independently, and a sense of control over things. Some young Americans waiting for entry into the university so they can act freely, without parents attended.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some information about American life

Christmas Holiday is the most important holiday to American people because of the spiritual and rejoicing, because most Americans like to spend it with family and loved ones. Most Americans and students prefer to go to Miami, because of the beautiful beaches and wonderful weather. And in sport side, American football and baseball are the most popular sports in the U.S.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

REM Sleep

According to the author REM sleep or Rapid Eye movement, helps to make the brain restore energy reserves, so that will help to make people more creative and focus more. REM sleep is one of the stages of sleep, also in REM sleep we start dreaming.

I think I agree with them, because if anyone tries to be weak for a long time, he will lose his focus in the most simple things; on the other hand, if we have enough sleep, after we wake up, we will feel more active and we will have the ability to do more work than if we are tired or we did not have good sleep.

I dreamed about......

I was in big city with some of my friends; we were having fun and doing everything to enjoy ourself, but I saw one of them leave, I followed him; when I stopped him he tried to kill me! Then I woke up.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog

The princess and the Frog from Disney has made a big media argument, it become number one in the box-office, because the stare of the movie, princess Tiana was the first African-American princess, that made a huge surprise for the African-American culture made them happy. Princess Tiana dolls, blankets, T-Shirts and pajamas make such highest sales that the storeowners cannot keep them on the shelf. That is because princess Tiana was not just a princess in a movie; she was a symbol for the African-American culture.